Ad Hoc Program

The Call for the iPres 2022 Ad Hoc Program is now closed

Lightning talks, digital preservation games, an Unconference – once again iPres offers exciting submission categories beyond the traditional paper, panel, poster, workshop and tutorial submissions. These Ad Hoc sessions are lightly reviewed and are not submitted through the portal, and abstracts are not published in the proceedings. The Ad Hoc is great for experimental and networking activities or ideas that you want to share but don’t feel ready to publish.

iPres 2022 Ad Hoc program

There are several categories in the Ad Hoc program:

  • Lightning Talks
  • Games Room
  • Unconference
  • Professional Visits
  • Career Development
  • Suggest an activity

 These sessions will:

  • have a lightweight submission process 
  • be coordinated and lightly reviewed by the iPres 2022 Program Committee
  • have a rolling deadline and acceptance cycle: 23 May – 22 July
  • be handled on a “first come, first served” basis
  • receive final notification on acceptance: 1 August

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are very short (no more than 5 minutes) on any relevant topic, or theme followed by any remaining time for attendees to ask questions and discuss. We will determine the number and length of lightning talks based on the number of submissions. If you are interested in giving a lightning talk at iPres 2022, email us your idea!

Call is now closed.

Games Room

The iPres 2018 Digital Preservation Games Room was a great idea. Conference delegates were able to relax and meet in friendly competition over games that illustrated and explored aspects of digital preservation.  iPres 2019 also offered the possibility to play board games like Preservia and Archive.

If you want to bring a game or try one, tell us and we can set aside some time and space for you.

This category includes any form of board, video, or other game format broadly defined that addresses, illustrates, amplifies, or explores any aspect of digital preservation. The proposed game can be at any stage of development or design from idea to beta version to a game that is already developed and ready to try, provided that it will be ready to play at iPres 2022. 

Call is now closed.


If there’s sufficient demand we will be able to set aside time and space at the conference for a half-day agenda-less Unconference. Sessions won’t be formally reviewed but delegates will be encouraged to vote themes on or off the agenda on the day. Please email us to let us know if you are interested and willing to help organize an Unconference!

Call is now closed.

Professional Visits

Institutions in Scotland with digital preservation facilities and staff are invited to offer on premises visits for international colleagues. These provide an informal opportunity to engage with colleagues from around the world, building institutional recognition and professional networks. They are a practical expression of our hospitality and an extension of professional respect. Visits will take place on Friday 16th September at times convenient to the host. There is no set format for a visit, though on average this would involve two hours: a tour of facilities and an informal meeting to discuss shared challenges. There is no set group size, and hosts can limit group size in line with available facilities and staff. Delegates are expected to find their own way to the host’s site within central Scotland, though hosts may wish to designate a volunteer to help guide participants. Hosts may wish to arrange or provide transport to locations outside the Central Belt.

This year we would also like to open the possibility of virtual visits so that delegates from anywhere in the world can visit institutions anywhere else in the world. So if you’d be willing to give an informal online ‘tour’ of your institution and have an online chat with colleagues around the world, we can provide an audience.

Call is now closed.

Career Development 

Are you an experienced digital preservation practitioner or employer within the digital preservation community? Are you a new professional in the field with questions about your career and next steps? Are you attending iPres 2022 in Glasgow, in person?

iPres 2022 seeks experienced professionals and employers to act as mentor or adviser, and meet with new professionals to provide informal career advice. If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, or would like to benefit from the advice of a mentor please email us to let us know:

  1. Whether you would like to be a mentor or mentee
  2. Your current employment status (and institution if applicable)
  3. Your area of interest or specialism (if a mentor)
  4. Your area of interest or enquiry (if a mentee)

If there is a sufficient number of responses, we will gather all expressions of interest to pair delegates as appropriate.

Call is now closed.

Suggest an activity

This Call for Proposals has not exhausted the entire program – a social program and wellbeing activities will also be developed and announced in due course. The Program Committee has sought to consult the global digital preservation community about best practice, and remains open to alternative suggestions. If you would like to make a suggestion about something you would like to see at the conference then let us know!

Call is now closed.

Review and Acceptance

For the Ad Hoc sessions call we would like to receive short submissions containing the following information:

  • Name of Submitter
  • Name of Presenter (if different)
  • Affiliation of Submitter/Presenter
    • Attendance: In-person or remote
  • Contact email
  • Category of the submission – Lightning Talk, Game, Unconference, Career Development or Activity
  • Brief description of talk, game, idea or activity to be presented (up to 200 words)

All submissions – except proposals for a Professional Visit for which you can use the proposed form – should be sent by email to: Please use ‘Ad Hoc Submission’ as the subject of your email. Submissions will be handled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please note that in order to present, you must be registered to attend iPres 2022 in-person or remotely.

Call is now closed.

Important Dates
Submissions for the iPres 2022 Ad Hoc Program will be accepted between 23 May – 22 July.