Digital Preservation Awards

In 2022, the culmination of the Digital Preservation Awards process will coincide with the iPres Conference in a glittering ceremony joined by colleagues from around the globe.

The prestigious Digital Preservation Awards are the largest international celebration of significant and innovative contributions to securing a digital legacy. The finalists for this year’s set of categories have all been selected for their work to towards this goal and have now been revealed

About the Digital Preservation Awards

The Digital Preservation Awards were created in 2004 to raise awareness about digital preservation, providing a rare opportunity to engage in some high-profile advocacy, articulating nuanced messages about how and why one might engage in digital preservation.

They enable the DPC to endorse and celebrate outstanding work which may go unrecognized by other communities, and which may be little known among the senior managers of the agencies undertaking this work.

In its early iterations (2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010) the DPC sponsored a single award under the auspices of the Conservation Awards. In 2012, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Coalition, the DPC organized the Digital Preservation Awards under its own mandate, offering 3 awards – an award for teaching and communications, an award for research and innovation, and a special tenth anniversary award for outstanding contribution to digital preservation. In 2014 a further 2 awards were offered and in 2016 the DPC Fellowship was offered for the first time.

28th February 2022
The DPC’s 20th Anniversary and Launch of the Digital Preservation Awards 2022
28th March 2022
Second call for nominations
18th April 2022
Final call for nominations
25th April 2022
Awards closed for nominations
Week commencing 30th May 2022
First Judging Panel
6th June 2022
Finalists announced and invited to presentation
6th June 2022
Online voting for finalists opens
4th July 2022
Online voting closes
Week commencing 11th July 2022
Second Judging Panel
12th September 2022
Awards presented at the iPres 2022 Conference