Important – health and safety information

We are looking forward to a happy and healthy conference in Glasgow! To help safeguard the health and comfort of attendees at the conference (and their families when they return home), please pay attention to the following points. 

Personal Responsibility:

  • Attendees exhibiting symptoms of infection such as cough, sore throat, fever, or respiratory infection are strongly encouraged not to attend out of consideration for others.
  • Attendees are advised to do a Covid-19 self-test before travelling to Glasgow.
  • If you don’t have COVID-19 lateral flow tests available for testing, you can purchase them at your nearest pharmacy (Find the list here) .
  • If you are unable to give your presentation in person, then you must inform the iPres Secretariat as soon as possible. If time allows, we will welcome a pre-recorded presentation (we must receive this at least 4 hours before the presentation time).
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear a face mask inside conference rooms, apart from when presenting, eating, and drinking.
  • Hand sanitising stations are throughout the venue, and we encourage attendees to use them.
  • Please be mindful of other attendees, giving them time and space to move around. We will operate a badge system at the conference. At the registration desk you can choose a button badge to go on your lanyard, indicating your comfort level in shaking hands with other delegates and social distancing.


About the venue:

  • The TIC building’s air handling system runs fresh air supply and extract at over 95% of capacity throughout the building. There is low velocity airflow recirculation in local areas through fan coil units. Government guidance is that these units are not considered to be a risk in normal operation.
  • There is a rigorous regular cleaning schedule in place – all conference spaces and toilets are cleaned overnight, and colleagues from the Cleaning team are on duty each day. Conferencing & Events staff will sanitise hard surfaces, audio-visual equipment and high-touch points, such as door handles/finger plates, phones, lecterns, armrests, once room set-up is complete. The room will be locked until it is next in use.
  • The team will be ‘on the floor’ constantly while spaces are in use. Their duties will include regular sanitisation of high-touch points, such as door handles, banisters, lift call points – at least hourly, and more frequently during peak periods.


Attendees are advised to ensure that travel insurance covers them adequately for Covid-related impacts as far as is possible under current insurance conditions.

These security measures are subject to change depending on the local regulations in Scotland and the UK.

If you require a test to travel home, you can book a PCR test, specifically for traveling, in pharmacies around Glasgow.  Find out more information about the pharmacy offering PCR tests near the SEC or in the centre of Glasgow.