Digital Preservation Bake Off Challenge

The Data Set

The iPres 2022 Pantry: the Data Set

Welcome to the well-stocked iPres 2022 Pantry! 

This data set includes many digital objects of many different types and sizes which to pick and choose from when “cooking” your dish of choice! Don’t worry – you only have to choose those ingredients that fit your dish.

We’ve organized the data in content type categories – “food groups” – to help you find the ingredients of your choice. If you’re still undecided whether the Great Digital Preservation Bake Off Challenge is right for you and your tool or workflow, check the food groups list below if we have what you’re looking for. 

And if you’re keen to participate but can’t find the ingredients you need, then let us know. As true connoisseurs, we’re keen to learn about new ingredients and new recipes, so please reach out to us and we’ll try to find a way to add the ingredients you need to the pantry!

Each food group category contains files from different sources. Within each “food group” directory, there is a reference spreadsheet containing very basic information (creator, license, link if available and further comment if available). Please note that in some cases, harvesting the ingredients is also part of the dish (e.g., for Social Media or Web resources). In those cases the spreadsheet identifies the targets to be harvested.

Food groups currently available in the pantry:

  • 3D Data (scans and plans)
  • AV
  • Databases
  • Disk Images
  • Email
  • Games
  • Geodata
  • Google Files / Drive
  • Images
  • Mac Formats
  • Office 
  • PDFs
  • Social Media
  • Web

In addition, there is an “Exotic Ingredients” category, which includes some rather unusual objects. The whole pantry can be accessed via the Great Digital Preservation Bake Off Google Drive here: Let us know if you can’t get access this way and we’ll find another way to make sure you can access the finest ingredients. If you choose to download the whole data set, Google Drive will split the set into three zip files. CITA_Maré should reside in the ‘3d Data/TIB Duraak/Scans’ folder, and ‘Book’ should reside in ‘Exotic Ingredients/Building Permit Logbooks’.

Allez cuisine!